Human Adulthood: A Spiritual Romance

​Published  December, 2014

A novel about spiritual growth, becoming an adult, and starting over.  Free shipping with 

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​Life of an Ordinary Man.

Beyond Blaming: Unleashing Power and Passion in People and Organizations

Non-fiction book about personal responsibility including anecdotes from personal and work life.

The Secret Life of an Ordinary Man

Published July, 2016   

A novel about human trafficking, recovery, and redemption

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New Books

Adults at Work: How Individuals and Organizations Grow Up

Non-fiction book about the qualities and behaviors of adulthood, including anecdotes and stories of real adults at work.






Nonfiction Books by William Frank Diedrich:

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The Road Home: The Journey beyond the Spiritual Quick Fix

Non-fiction autobiographical story of spiritual and emotional growth. 

Both The Secret Life of an Ordinary Man and Human Adulthood are available on Amazon in papaerback and in Kindle format.