Human Adulthood is a spiritual romance about a man who is startled out of his slumber and forced to examine his life. Kevin leaves his home in Michigan to begin a new life in Tucson, Arizona. He achieves the success he envisions with a thriving business, a beautiful woman, money, and his own home.

Success doesn't last long, but his difficulties lead him deeper inward. He meets  an old couple who offer help and their wisdom. In the meantime, Kevin has to manage his relationship with his fundamentalist Christian brother who does not approve of Kevin's choices in life. He reconnects with a friend, Rachel, and has an opportunity to learn the real meaning of love. 

Human Adulthood is a story about spirituality, religion, sexuality, and what it means to become a real adult. It's about marriage and divorce, being asleep and waking up, taking risks, and honesty. Kevin is the prodigal who is doing his best to find his way home.


"This past weekend I escaped into one of the best books I've read in a very long time. I couldn't put it down and finished the majority of it in two days. William Frank Diedrich's book "Human Adulthood" is exceptional!"
Bob Hoffman

"Must give a shout out for our friend William Frank Diedrich's first novel which both Phill and I read and thoroughly enjoyed! It's called "Human Adulthood" and it is a 'spiritual romance' about a divorced man and his search for happiness and truth. I couldn't put it down. I found myself underlining spiritual ideas that spoke to me, and I want to go back and think more about them!"  Denise Carbonell

"My friend William Frank Diedrich (Bill) has written a wonderfully compelling book titled "Human Adulthood" This book unfolds an important topic for all of us as we maneuver our way out of our human mind-fog. It is an entertaining and meaningful contribution to that effect. A story worth telling and sharing. Interesting, readable and very pertinent for anyone on the spiritual path!"
Janine Jansma

"I so enjoyed your new book! I stayed up until 1am the last night so I could finish it. Interesting plot, lots of really nice imagery and smart dialogue. I've passed it along to a close girlfriend, and am anxious to hear her response. You are such a blessing...and now another way to enjoy your wisdom and grounding advice! Thank you!" 

Jill Armstrong

"I enjoyed reading your book. It was powerful and thought provoking. I can tell you like Arizona from the beautiful descriptions you included. It had a good story line, with many surprises, that kept me interested, as well as presenting many life lessons. I highlighted many passages in the book and will be processing for quite a while. Thanks for sharing, Bill. What a great first novel!"
Dee Culver