​​​​​The first Spiritual Adulthood session will be held on Tuesday, September 7 and also Thursday, September 9 and  will be recorded. Join us live each week or see the recording if you are unable to be present for one of  the live presentations. The workshop content follows the Lessons in the text which are as follows:

Introduction: Waking Up and Growing Up                          

What You Need to Pack for This Journey                                   

Lesson One:  Universal Law--Part 1                      < ^ First Zoom class - September 7 or 9              

Lesson Two:  Universal Law--Part 2  

Lesson Three:  The Ripple Effect                            < ^ Second Zoom class - September 14 or 16              

Lesson Four:  Rejection and Projection,           
Acceptance or Resistance, Addiction and Freedom

Lesson Five: Mindfulness and Dominion             < ^ Third Zoom class -  September 21 or 23       

Lesson Six:  Dis-Creation, Integration,           
Creation, and Becoming No One

Lesson Seven: The Journey of a Spiritual Adult   < ^ Fourth Zoom class -September 28 or 30

Lesson Eight: Good and Evil--Plunging                
Into the Depths to Reach the Heights

Lesson Nine: Navigating Today’s World--            
Summary and Next Steps

Lesson Ten:  Surrender                                            < ^ Fifth Zoom class - October 5 or 7


Behavioral Profiles and Workshops

To inquire about or  schedule a DISC workshop send an email to Theroadhome@comcast.net

The Everything DISC Workshop and Profile

 Everything DISC Profile   $64.50

Classic DISC profile;:  $ 64.50

Teamview:  $25.00

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 Spiritual Adulthood Workshop on Zoom

​Tuesday evenings  7:30 pm (ET) to 8:30 pm beginning

Tuesday, September 7, 2021      5 sessions

Or,  the class will also be offered at 11:00 AM Thursday, September 9 (Five Thursdays).

Once everyone is registered I will contact you to learn which sessions you plan to attend.

​All sessions are recorded in case you miss a class. Also, You can attend the other weekly session if you miss.

Example: If you miss your Tuesday night class, you may get the recording, or you may attend the Thursday morning session instead. 

To register for the workshop and buy the book, register and pay here: $ 41.95

​​If you already have the book, or you are buying it on Kindle or Amazon,

register for just the workshop and pay here:​​ $29.95 USD

For the Kindle version of the book go to : Kindle

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​For more info on the book click "Spiritual Adulthood" at the top of this page. Free shipping in the USA.